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The second season of archaeological excavations in the Episcopal Centre in Salona east of the Porta Caesarea

Jagoda Mardešić ; Arheološki muzej u Splitu
Ivan Matijević orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet u Splitu

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This paper contains a report on the continuation of
research conducted in 2017 in the area east of the old
city gate in Salona (Porta Caesarea), and north of the
main city gate (Via Principalis). As in 2016, the excavations
were conducted as a collaboration between
the Archaeological Museum in Split and the History
Department of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities in Split. The existing trench was expanded
westward, toward the gate, and northward.
The continuation of stacked stone wall SJ 002 which
extends in a northward arc was uncovered. A channel
was also uncovered over a length of 9 meters in
a 4.5 meter-wide street that runs in the north-south
direction and east of the northern tower of the city
gate connected to the Via Principalis. The western
part of trench SJ 012 was excavated, and as in the
preceding year, a very high quantity of movable pottery
finds dated between the end of the 2nd century
BC and the mid-1st century AD was discovered. In
the north-eastern corner of the trench, the northern
extension of wall SJ 008 built in the 1st century AD
was excavated. It is made of regular dressed stones
bonded with plaster. Channel SJ 010 extends parallel
to it, and one more wall running in an east-west
direction was discovered to its east. In this part of the
trench, the bedrock has an abrupt downward grade.

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Salona; Via Principalis; road; channel; pavement; coins; pottery

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