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The Budget and Public Investment in the Republic of Hungary

Anto Bajo

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str. 975-993

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By analysing the budget and public investment in the Republic of
Hungary the author wishes to point out the basic problems of
the budget and budgetary process, as well as the measures
which are being undertaken for adjusting and drawing closer to
modern budgetary trends. All phases of the budgetary process
are expounded (preparation, approval, implementation and
control of the budget), and the measures carried out by
budgetary institutions for improving the system of public
financing (improving fiscal discipline, resolving the budget deficit
etc.). The state of public investment is especially underlined as
well as the measures Hungary has to undertake to increase its
efficaciousness. Data of insufficient quality represent the greatest
problem in analysing public expenditure, especially public
investment. The Hungarian budget and public expenditure
system is continually being reformed since 1995. The reforms
are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of institutions in the
budgetary process and allocation of public expenditure.

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