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Floristic and microclimatic features of the Sovljak doline (Mt. Velika Kapela, Croatia)

Tihana Vilović orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of science
Suzana Buzjak orcid id ; Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb
Nenad Buzjak orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of science

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The relation between floristic composition, microclimate and geomorphology of a large-sized karst doline was analysed in the area of the Sovljak doline located on the Mt. Velika Kapela. Habitat conditions in various parts of the doline, due to its morphology, were described in this work. Geomorphological observations, microclimatic measurements (including air temperature, relative humidity and dew point temperature data) and flora inventory were carried out. Ellenberg’s indicator values, life forms, chorological and taxonomical analyses were performed, as well as the analysis of habitat similarity. The doline slopes (northern and southern) appeared to offer different habitat conditions than its bottom, due to their morphological and microclimatic differences, which resulted in high taxa variability along short distances in the doline. Furthermore, the presence of temperature inversion promoted the development of the vegetation inversion, which is common in such large dolines.

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microclimate, geomorphology, flora, Ellenberg’s indicator values, vegetation inversion

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