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Attitudes of the Roma Population in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County on Domestic Violence

Aleksandar Racz orcid id ; Zdravstveno veleučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Veljko Kajtazi ; Savez Roma u Republici Hrvatskoj „Kali Sara“

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The overall goal of the Croatian National Roma Inclusion Strategy is to improve the position of the Roma national minority in the Republic of Croatia by reducing the multidimensional socio-economic gap between the Roma and the rest of the population and to achieve, in a harmonized, open and transparent way, full inclusion of Roma in all segments of the society and community. The main aim of the research was to investigate the views of the members of the Roma population from Bjelovar-Bilogora County on domestic violence and to investigate the type and extent of their exposure to certain forms of violence. The auxiliary goal was to investigate the beliefs and attitudes of respondents about child begging, and the beliefs and attitudes of respondents about their trust in the institutions as a place of reporting violence and providing the victims with protection in cases of domestic violence. The research was conducted on a convenient sample of 70 participants of workshops on the topic of adopting social skills aimed at reducing the unacceptable behavior of children and young people organized by the Association of Roma Kali Sara in Grubišno Polje and Bjelovar in January 2019. The data were processed by standard SPSS software package. The results confirmed all three hypotheses of the research: there is no difference in the incidence of domestic violence among members of the Roma minority in relation to the secondary data on domestic violence in the non Roma population in the Republic of Croatia; the victims of violence rarely report violence experienced in the family and show mistrust towards institutions in the system, and that the Roma population has no clear attitudes towards the victim-aggressor relationship and shares prejudices about the victim’s fault for experiencing violence.

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family violence; Roma; integration; Kali Sara

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