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Importance of Exercise in Diabetes

Petra Šulevski ; Zdravstveno veleučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivna Kocijan orcid id ; Zdravstveno veleučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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There is an increasing number of people with diabetes, both in the world and in Croatia. Estimates speak of a total of 415 million people. The number of people with diabetes, especially those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, indicates a disorderly way of life, poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress. The treatment of diabetes is carried out with proper nutrition, regular physical activity and medication therapy, all in order to regulate glycemia. Physical activity is an integral part of the diabetes treatment because it maintains an adequate glycemic level, improves lipid status and increases cell sensitivity to insulin. Furthermore, the need for insulin is reduced because the mechanism of muscle contraction increases glucose consumption.
All kinds of physical activity are allowed, sometimes with certain individual limitations, and most benefit is expected when exercise is performed regularly with moderate intensity but with particular caution, especially if complications of the disease are present.
Special attention should be paid to the risk of hypoglycaemia, as it reduces glucose levels during exercise. Before carrying out physical activity, it is necessary to check the level of glucose and adjust or postpone the activity in case of excessive or too low glucose levels.
Studies have shown that aerobic and anaerobic activities affect the regulation of glucose. First of all, flexibility exercises are recommended (though they do not have a direct impact on glucose reduction), as well as balance excercises that reduce the chance of falling. It is recommended to undertake 150 minutes a week of moderate to strong activity. For example, exercises can be performed with moderate intensity at 15 repetitions or high intensity with 6 to 8 repeats.
We can conclude that regular exercise is necessary to preserve the health and life quality of people affected with diabetes.

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type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, exercise, glucose control

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