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Population Size of the Republic of Croatia and Its Counties According to Age and Gender from the 1991 Census to 1998

Anđelko AKRAP
Jakov GELO

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The aim of the research was to estimate and determine the
present mid-year population in Croatia and its counties from
1991 to 1998. Under conditions of war major demographic
changes occurred, the quantification of which had to be
assessed by adequate demographic and statistical methods.
Also included in the assessment of the number and agegender
composition of the Croatian population and its
counties were several variables appearing as the result of
population development in these conditions. The foundation
for conducting this study in which an estimate was made of
the present population according to age and gender
from1991-1998 were individual research projects included
in this work, research carried out to integrate these projects,
indirect statistical sources and methods, the demographic
statistical data base of the State Institute for Statistics,
authors’ estimates and field research.

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