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The Estimate of the Number of Croatian Emigrants from the 1991 Census to June 30th 1998


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In the first part of the paper the author has presented the insufficiencies
of statistical follow-ups of external migrations in the
censuses from 1971 and 1991. The great difficulty in estimating
the number of emigrated Croatian citizens emerges also from
not recording statistically the trends and scope of migrations out
of the country. Since, in addition, at the beginning of the period
analysed people emigrated from Croatia in circumstances of war,
the assessment of external migrations has become a very complex
issue. Therefore, the author has also enumerated the main
reasons for further emigration from Croatia in the nineties. In a
demographic analytical assessment the number of external migrants
was determined for every year observed which resulted in
an overall contingent of approximately 130 thousand emigrants
from the Republic of Croatia between 1991 and 1998. Thus the
number of Croatian citizens working or residing abroad was increased
from 285 000 (in 1991) to 415 000 (in 1998). In the
end the size of the Croatian emigrant population was assessed
annually and for each county separately.

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