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Changes in the Dynamics and Distribution of the Displaced-Refugee Contingent in Croatia from mid 1991 to mid 1998

Dražen ŽIVIĆ

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In the text the author analyses the dynamics of the displacedrefugee
contingent in Croatia and abroad from mid 1991 to
mid 1998. Demonstrated in the observed period is the change
in the number and distribution of: displaced persons according
to counties of displacement and accomodation, refugees from
Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia in Croatia according to counties of accomodation, Croatian
refugees abroad (Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria…)
according to counties of displacement, and refugees from
Croatia in Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (displaced
Serbs) according to counties of refuge. The demographic development
of Croatia in this decade has been essentially determined
by these forced migrations connected to the events of war
in the Republic of Croatia, and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.
From 1992 to 1998 between 430 000 and 700 000
people participated in the flow of displaced persons and refugees,
comprising from 9% to 15% of the population of Croatia
according to the 1991 census. They have significantly determined
the contemporary population trends in Croatia, especially
the changes in the number and distribution of inhabitants, the
demoproductional processes and development of demographic

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