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Attitudes of Croatian Professionals towards Child Sexual Abuse


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The aim of this paper is to present the attitudes of
Croatian professionals towards child sexual abuse. The
research included 253 professionals: social workers,
psychologists, special educators, teachers, school-child
physician and lawyers. Questionnaires were distributed
at their work place or during the professional gatherings.
Analyses of results show that: (1) professionals have
demonstrated a well developed cognitive component,
positive emotional relationship towards child sexual abuse
victims and competence to take effective actions; (2)
professionals have strong educational needs in the
area of their profession and particularly for interdisciplinary
education; (3) there has been 15.01 percent of
professionals who experienced sexual abuse in childhood
but they do not differ significantly from the sample as a
whole on other variables. The complexity of child
sexual abuse, high number of undetected cases and
long-term consequences together with the results of the
research clearly indicate the need for creating and
improving preventive and protective programs in
Croatia with special emphasis on interdisciplinary

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