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Terra Incognita? Adolescent Sexuality and Risk-taking Behavior

Aleksandar ŠTULHOFER

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str. 267-285

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The paper examines theoretical concepts of adolescent
sexual risk-taking and related methodological questions. In
the first part, three models of risk-taking behavior are
discussed: epidemological or the risk group model, the
personality trait (risk seeking actor) model, and the model of
risk factors. Discussing their shortcomings, the author
proposes a reconceptualization which includes rationality,
commonness and sequential (path-dependent) organization
of the sexual risk-taking in adolescence. In the second part of
the paper the author presents a preliminary testing of these
extensions using data from a pilot study carried out in 1998
on 417 high-school students. The concluding part offers a
brief discussion of the much needed preventive and
educational programs in Croatia.

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