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The Family Physician in the Prevention and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Milica KATIĆ

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str. 305-313

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Primary tasks of general practitioner/family physician in the
prevention of STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) are related to
population education on STD, their frequency, channels of
infection, possible protection, symptoms, early detection,
treatment, and risks of untreated infections. General practitioner/
family physician should provide an adequate treatment for the
patient and his/her partner(s), which is the most difficult obstacle
to successful treatment. It is up to the physician and his skills to
convince the patient that the treatment of STD should involve also
all his/her other partners, at the same time preserving confidentiality
and close relationship with the patient. The description of
general practitioner’s/family physician’s work in the treatment of
STD gives several examples from practice which indicate the
specificity of the problem and the need for individual approach
to each patient. Although the available data have shown that the
frequency of STD in the Croatian population in care of general
practitioners/family physicians is still relatively low, according to
data from developed countries a rise in the frequency of STD
may be expected in the near future, which asks for a more adequate
diagnostics in our practices. Furthermore, it is necessary to
expand knowledge in this field not only of physicians and other
primary health care workers but also of the population at large.

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