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Future Teachers' Satisfaction with the Study

Denis Jurković ; Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću, Sveučilište u Zadru
Anela Nikčević-Milković ; Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću, Sveučilište u Zadru

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The research was conducted among the students of the Department of Teacher Education Studies in Gospić, University of Zadar during the summer semester of the academic year 2017/2018. The purpose of the research was to get the best possible insight into the students' satisfaction with the study in order to react to negative attitudes on time, and concentrate on the positive experiences with the study as well as maintain or further improve them. The research has shown that the students' satisfaction with the study is above average, which is contrary to the results of other research among the Croatian students, and that graduate students are more satisfied than undergraduates, which is also inconsistent with most of the research among the Croatian students where the students at all levels are equally (un)satisfied. Furthermore, the results of the research indicate the existence of a negative correlation between the students who chose this study as a second choice, and satisfaction with the study, but also that satisfaction with the study and satisfaction with the professors is closely related, which is in line with the expectations. Among the factors included in this research, satisfaction with the professors was proven to be the most important predictor of satisfaction with the study. Considering that such research projects are relatively rare in Croatia, the work also gives some potential theoretical starting points for future research of such relations.

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Future Teachers’ Education; Students; Teacher Education Studies; Satisfaction with the professors; Satisfaction with the study

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