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Small-scale Urbanism and Social Sustainability - Interdisciplinary Research of Public Space in Zagreb

Jana Vukić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Odsjek za sociologiju, Hrvatska
Tihomir Jukić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Arhitektonski fakultet, Zavod za urbanizam, prostorno planiranje i pejsažnu arhitekturu, Hrvatska
Ognjen Čaldarović ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Odsjek za sociologiju, Hrvatska

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Public space is the connecting tissue of a contemporary city, it is important
for people’s satisfaction with their city, overall quality of life, inclusiveness and social
sustainability. This paper addresses the changes that transform contemporary cities
and their public space, and using the example of interdisciplinary students’ research
of public space in Zagreb city-districts, shows the potential of small-scale projects and
interventions regarding the issues of urban sustainability, quality of life and participation.
Small-scale urbanism and interdisciplinary research of public space at city-district
level emerged as important for the creation of a more sustainable city with adequate
participation of citizens in the transformation of urban space. The quality of public
space on city-district level is what people encounter on daily basis, so it is very important
for overall satisfaction and quality of life. Big-scale urbanism should provide an adequate network of public space, but small-scale urbanism and smaller interventions
should be the main tool for a constant improvement of the quality of life based on
local knowledge and every-day needs of citizens. Beside this, small-scale urbanism
and an interdisciplinary approach to urban planning are important for the education
of young professionals on space, namely architects and sociologists. It is still through
an open dialogue between experts in different fields (social sciences and humanities
and the technical field of architecture and urbanism) concerning public space, common
good and social sustainability, that future experts should learn how to work in
interdisciplinary teams on transformation of urban space in accordance with the local

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public space, small-scale urbanism, interdisciplinary education, sustainability, participation

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