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Nina Šoljan ; Ministarstvo vanjskih poslova i europskih integracija, Trg N.Š.Zrinskog 7-8, HR-10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 105-120

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The European Union and the United States of America perceive
differently China’s political and economic burgeoning. For the EU
China’s economic growth is a welcome development as it implies
boosting the “strategic partnership”, while the US think of it not only
in the term of rivalry but also as a threat because of China’s growing
political and military power. Unlike the US, which focuses on the security aspect of foreign policy, the European security policy is still
nascent and the Union usually does not perceive the states outside its
borders as dangerous. The author argues that the complexity of the
EU policies towards China means that there is yet no EU polity so the
interests of various member-countries clash with the interests of the
Union on the whole. The author concludes that the US will remain
apprehensive regarding the potentials of China as the second superpower that might jeopardize US hegemony, while for the EU the latent political-security threat is much less important than the economic benefits.

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EU, USA, China, security policy, trade policy

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