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Souvenirs as a part of the tourism offer od the City of Zagreb

Darko Prebežac orcid id ; Ekonomski fakultet-Zagreb
Josip Mikulić orcid id ; Ekonomski fakultet-Zagreb

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str. 89-98

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Despite the incontestable importance of souvenirs as a means of promotion and as a part of the overall tourism offer of a tourism destination, there is still a insufficiently paid attention to their meaning and role in the marketing mix for tourism purposes. The main motive for tourists to buy souvenirs is to remind themselves of their past excursions or vacations. On the other side, souvenirs offer great promotional valute to tourism destinations and facilities on the supply side (e.g. airlines, hotels, natural parks). Within this context, there is no difference between the City of Zagreb and other comparable tourism destinations.
The authors present the main findings of the primary research which was conducted to analyze the current offer of souvenirs. The research also assesses satisfaction of various market segments with the current offer of souvenirs in Zagreb.
Another goal of the research was to identify the possible existence of certain general differences concerning the behaviour of tourists when buying souvenirs, which are not specifically related to the offer of souvenirs in the City of Zagreb, but to tourists' general perception on this issue. Taking into account the research's limitations, the authors identify potential barriers in the shopping process, and provide sellers, distributors and orderers with concrete recommendations for improving the current range of offer of souvenirs and developing new ones.

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Souvenirs; Tourism destination; City of Zagreb

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