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Adolescent and Adult Coping with Daily Hassles


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In this study, which draws on the stress and coping theory,
age and gender differences in coping with daily hassles
were examined in a sample of 245 adults and adolescents
by means of Ways of Coping Scale. The results indicate that
adults endorsed more active problem solving in coping with
daily hassles, while adolescents endorsed more avoidance
and denial of problems, self-blame and wishful thinking –
avoidance. Two interpretations of age differences in coping
are evaluated: a developmental and a contextual
interpretation. The findings support the developmental
interpretation, which says, that there are inherent,
stage-related changes in the ways people cope as they age.
Gender differences emerged only when the results were not
corrected for age. In analysing whether there were age and
gender differences in the ways of coping again the age
differences were dominant. Implications of these results for
the development of adolescent and adult coping strategies
are discussed.

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