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Forged 5000 Dinar Banknotes of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Issued on 1 May 1963

Vladimir Geiger ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Zagreb, HR

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Among the most successful, most widespread and best-known forgeries of Yugoslav banknotes were those of 5000 dinars of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (issued on 1 May 1963). In Yugoslavia, and especially in Croatia, forgeries of this banknote appeared in
circulation in the summer of 1968. The forgery was assessed as good and a danger. It was difficult for non-experts to recognise it and distinguish it from the real 5000 dinar banknote of SFR Yugoslavia (1963). The police acted fast and efficiently organising a widespread action, prevented the spreading of the 5000 dinar (1963) forgeries and
arrested many persons linked with moving the forgeries across the border from Western Germany and the Republic of Austria to Yugoslavia, and releasing them into circulation. After expert examination of the paper and the print of the forgeries in Yugoslavia and abroad, in Western Germany and Austria, the definite conclusion was reached that the forged 5000 dinar banknote of SFR Yugoslavia (1963) was produced in flat offset print abroad, somewhere in Western Europe. International police cooperation soon led to the discovery of the printing house in which the forgeries were being made in the Kingdom of Belgium, in Brussels, and the Belgian forgers were arrested. Crime literature states that a total of 24,600 forged 5000 dinar banknotes of SFR Yugoslavia (1963) were discovered and seized. The author describes and shows all the differences between the real and the forged banknote.

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