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Tourism as a Factor of New Forms of Alienation


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Tourism, as a complex and important social and economic
phenomenon, is in its structure and being full of different
harmonious and yet conflicting positive and negative
features, a phenomenon and relation full of contradictions,
temptation, challenges, creativity and collisions. As the
reflection of society and its development, inclined (like
lacmus paper) towards accepting the full diversity of
influences, especially those in the sphere of human
provenance, determined by and growing into its natural,
mental and spiritual characteristics (anthropological
dimension) and the influences in the spheres and
manifestations of the social, psychological, culturological,
ecological and economic components. This paper does not
only speak of the positive and creative social and economic
characteristics of tourism which are also the fundamental
determinants of contemporary tourism, but of an important
segment (or group of segments) of those negative and
unfavourable features and functions of tourism that express
broader anthropological and social attributes and are
interrelated with the problems of alienation in tourism.
Through an analysis of the social and economic framework
of the so-called tourist alienation, and the analysis of tourism
as a generator of the process of alienation and creator of
new forms of alienation, the author indicates that the
alienation processes in tourism are especially intensified in
the so-called mass tourism, resulting in a decrease of its final
results and goals reflected.

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