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An Approach towards Reflections on Political Power

Branka GALIĆ

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Politics and political power are often connected with rational
activity aspiring towards a rational organization of the
human community, with institutions representing rules for
political and social actions and a state with whose assistance
its functioning is made legal and legitimate. They are also
inseparable from public representation of different interests
of community members in the process of conscious creation
of history and the organization of relations between people
and the environment. In the work the author wishes to point
out the importance of politics as the social activity which, in
contrast to rational activities of the ancient polis society, has
gradually separated itself from society, and especially in the
era of modernity, has imposed itself as a force above society,
a mere political power. The understanding of political power
based on the hypotheses of Machiavelli and Hobbes, that
people are imbued with the urge for power and an
uncontrolled and irrational desire for power, has not yet
been overcome, and thus still remains among the basic
characteristics of modern political science. In consequence, a
significant element that each well-conducted policy should
have – the responsibility for abuse and manipulation of
political power with the purpose of avoiding the
consequences of erroneous political action has not yet been

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