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Attitudes toward specific qualities of Women in the Police

Sanja Delač Fabris ; Visoka policijska škola, Policijska akademija, MUP RH, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Krunoslav Borovec orcid id ; Visoka policijska škola, Policijska akademija, MUP RH, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Paper Attitudes toward certain characteristics of women in the Police is based on a survey administered on a sample of male and female police officers of the Istrian Police Administration. Based on the results
obtained by field research and relevant literature review the paper provides an insight into the attitudes about women in the police.
The survey was conducted on a sample of 291 female police officers and their male peers. The questionnaire used for the research was consisted of three sets of variables related to sociodemographic features, the efficacy of female police officers in police affairs, and police officers attitudes about motivation, education, professionalism in treatment, success in women and children protection. The aim of the research was to determine the attitudes of female and male police officers towards women in the police and the differences in these attitudes. The results of empirical research have shown that attitudes of police officers under the influence of gender differ significantly, as well as that the attitudes of women are more positive than those of their male peers with regard to certain characteristics of female police officers.
Finally, the paper provides recommendations for promoting women in the police profession and creating supportive organizational culture with the aim of reducing discrimination against women within the police organisation.

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gender (non) equality; women in the police; attitudes; gender discrimination; efficacy

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