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Bibliography of Polemos, Journal of Interdisciplinary Research on War and Peace, on the Occasion of 20-Year Anniversary of Publication

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From the foundation of scientific journal Polemos, body of work reaches 21 volumes, or 42 issues in total for the period 1998-2018. The original bibliography encompasses 1998-2013 period during which 15 volumes (I-XV), or 30 issues (1-30) appeared. By being led with a former good practice example, and wanting to establish continuity in future writing of bibliographic units, this bibliography represents a five-year amendment for the 2013-2018 period which includes five volumes (XVI-XXI) and 12 issues (31-42). Originality of the new version is represented by a partially amended classification of scientific papers that includes preliminary communications into scientific papers and introductory remarks on the magazine’s history, character and specificities. During two decades of publication, 388 papers have been published in total. Following the new classification, scientific papers are again the most numerous (135 – 34,8%), which are then followed in the order towards the smallest number by reviews/contributions (105 – 27%), other contributions and/or papers (57 – 14,7%), professional papers (54 – 13,9%), and student papers (37 – 9,6%). 268 different authors in total affiliated with domestic and foreign universities as well as other institutions, organizations and professional milieus were involved in publication. Scientific papers are further divided on original scientific and review articles and preliminary communications while “other papers” consist of conference papers, translations, news, short releases and various considerations.

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