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Aleksandra Frković ; Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Irrespective of the various definitions of bioethical training in clinical medicine, what matters is that it is orientated towards students, doctors and other healthcare staff, who need to be helped to understand that the patient is the focal point of all their interests. Besides practical knowledge of the most frequently asked questions during patient care, in bioethical training in clinical medicine it is vital to encourage students to continually learn about clinical bioethics. Although the basics of clinical bioethics can be taught as a course, it should, in principle, be integrated into permanent education. Bioethics in clinical medicine should first be taught by experienced clinicians with distinct clinical principles and an educational background in bioethics if possible. Medical professionalism urges doctors to place their patients’ interest above their own. The success of all practical work in biomedical ethics depends on the healthcare workers’ personal qualities and professional skills. Young doctors possessing the necessary skills in making ethical decisions thanks to their bioethical training contributes to both patient autonomy and the preservation of patient dignity. The formal entry of medical ethics into the medical curriculum has caused an increase in the number of ethical curricula with various goals and methods of application. Once realised that none of the existing models seem to be significantly better for the teaching of medical ethics, ethical curricula have been created by consensus. While examining the guidelines for bioethical training in clinical medicine, the questions that are common to all the branches of clinical medicine should be tackled first, which should then be followed by exploring the guidelines for those bioethical questions that are specific to a given medical specialisation.

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education, bioethics, clinical medicine

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