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Joško Sindik ; Zagreb, Hrvatska
Katarina Reicher ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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One of the aspects of lifelong learning is the increasingly frequent use of computers for various purposes. Modern communication is inconceivable without computers and the Internet; thus, the virtual world has become a major component of building new inter-human relationships. It is likely that the characteristics of meeting other people with the purpose of establishing more intimate communication also reflect the quality of an individual’s life to some extent. With the purpose of analysing both the empirical footholds of some of the ways of developing acquaintances and the properties of »intimate« communication, this paper examines communication which has initially (or even entirely) been achieved through the electronic media or over the Internet.
The paper analyses email as a means of communication ethnologically, and examines the dimensions of communication, as well as the reasons for and against email as »semantically« different from the up to recently »usual« means of communication, such as »a regular letter«. The paper also proposes a number of theses on the question of motivation for using the Internet as a means of getting acquainted with new people, and as a specific means of making initial contact in order to later build a »more intimate« relationship. For this purpose the results of the public surveys accessible at www. and were analysed, and the proposed theses were then checked against a suitable population sample. The answers given to the 14 survey questions were grouped into »logical clusters«, thus drawing up guidelines on the characteristics of building »more intimate« communication channels over the Internet. Based on the answers and their »logical« analysis, it seems that the Internet has become an increasingly significant means of building more intimate inter-human relationships, with one’s sense of discomfort during communication having been drastically reduced.

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the Internet, intimate communication, developing acquaintances, the virtual world

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