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Production of borbarium ferroalloy

A. Akberdin ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
M. Karbayev
A. Kim ; Chemical-Metallurgical Institute, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
R. Sultangaziyev ; Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda

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In the present work, it was considered expedient to organize the production of binary borbaric ferroalloy. The simultaneous presence in it of barium and boron, known as an effective micro-alloying element, should provide it with a high demand for industry. The possibility of producing such a ferroalloy is based on the fact that boron according to the table of Mendeleev discovered a diagonal analogy with silicon and must, with barium, give a compound soluble in iron. To discover this, it was constructed a diagram of the phase composition of the Fe - Ba - B - C system, created its mathematical model and it was given the characteristics of the compounds formed in it. According to the data obtained, it was concluded that the possibility of implementing the technology is based on the formation of BaB6 hexaboride, which is soluble in iron, between the barium and boron. It was estimated the size of the field of its crystallization and the features of coexistence with other phases of the metal. The possible binary compounds of borbaric ferroalloy are BaB6, FeB, Fe3C, B4C and BaC2. Melting of ferroalloy is offered by usual carbothermic method.

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ferroalloy; boron; barium; phase composition; mathematical model

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