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Evaluation of Topographical Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Surface Changes After Various Finishing Treatments

Ştefan Ţălu orcid id ; Ured za istraživanje, razvoj i inovacije Tehničkog sveučilišta Cluj-Napoca, 15 Constantin Daicoviciu St., Cluj-Napoca, 400020, Cluj, Rumunjska
Sebastian Stach orcid id ; Fakultet za informatičke znanosti i materijale, Institut za informatiku, Zavod za medicinsku informatiku Sveučilišta Silesia, Będzińska 39, 41 – 205 Sosnowiec, Poljska
Boris Klaić ; Stomatološka poliklinika Zagreb, Hrvatska
Asja Čelebić orcid id ; Stomatološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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Purpose: To quantify the influence of three different finishing treatments on the cobalt-chromiummolybdenum (Co-Cr-Mo) alloy surface based on stereometric analysis parameters. Materials and methods: Eighteen specimens were casted from an extra-hard alloy (Wironit®, BEGO, Bremen, Germany). The samples were distributed into three groups (n = 6 samples per group) dependent on different polishing techniques applied, as follows: A group, only electropolished (EP) samples; B group, after EP, an additional mechanical polishing process was applied to the surface by rubber discs and a polishing paste (RP); C group, after EP, an additional mechanical polishing process was completed by rubber discs, polishing paste and finally by a rotating deer leather wheel (RPDL). Samples were imaged by atomic force microscopy (AFM) in a contact mode, in air, at room temperature. Results: The evaluation of the microtexture of the sample surface was made based on the 3-D roughness parameters. The lowest statistical surface roughness parameters were found in the RP samples, whereas the highest values were obtained from the EP samples. Conclusions: The experiments described can help manufacturers identify the most appropriate parameters and their ranges within which optimal surface characteristics can be achieved.

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Dental Polishing, Dental Alloys, Cobalt, Chromium, Molybden, Surface Properties

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