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Attitudes to Illness and Use of Health Services by Economic Immigrants in Slovenia

Danica Rotar Pavlić ; Zavod za obiteljsku medicinu, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Majda Brovč ; Centar za zdravlje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Janja Ahčin ; Centar za zdravlje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Marinka Šlajpah ; Centar za zdravlje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Igor Švab ; Zavod za obiteljsku medicinu, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Aim To analyze the attitudes of immigrants from former Yugoslav republics
to Slovenia toward illness, concerns about and perception of
health status, and factors that influence their use of health services for
the prevention and treatment of illness.
Methods We used a qualitative approach, employing the ETHNIC
(Explain, Treatment, Healers, Negotiation, Intervention, Collaboration)
questionnaire. We analyzed data from interviews with 27 economic
immigrants who consecutively came to a general practice office
from May 15 to August 15, 2005.
Results Qualitative analysis of the interview showed that health problems
were largely understood as consequences of hard work, poor working
and housing conditions, and stress. Fear of disability and concern
about financial support for their family were important factors why
they sought medical help. There were many financial and housing obstacles
to leading a healthy lifestyle and following doctors’ advice. Inadequate
communication with health care professionals was also mentioned.
Coworkers were an important source of support, whereas the
worker-employer relation appeared to be a negative factor.
Conclusion Identifying factors that influence health care utilization
and attitudes about illness is a first step toward improving health care
among immigrants. Improving the sanitary and hygienic aspects of
their lives and becoming familiar with their basic health problems will
improve quality of treatment at the primary care level

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