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Some Toponomastica and Hagiographic Issues of the Kalnik Region

Zdenko Balog

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The study deals with certain toponomastic issues of the Križevci-Kalnik region from the historical point of view, which means that topography is considered as a subsidiary historical discipline. Certain toponyms are interpreted in the light of their emergence and historico-linguistic development in sources and earliest mentions. Names of localities, mainly known through names of settlements, are historically most often derived from some natural formation, especially rivers, but also hills, woods etc, or the patron saints of close-by churches. Certain toponyms originate from estate owners, church orders and prelates, tribes, royal and state officials; persons who acquired an estate, which was then named after them and their offspring, after which the name spread to a dominant settlement etc. Some toponyms are difficult to trace back, because through time interpretations whithout historical background developed, which is a great impediment to research. With other toponyms, linguistic problems occur, due to great linguistic changes over centuries, Latin transcriptions or foreign roots of the toponyms. Simple interpretations thus remain hidden and hardly reckognizable. A special attention was given to the toponyms of Kalnik and Križevci, and a selection of smaller settlements and geomorphological formations: Bednja, Dubovec, Dubrava, Erdovec, Finčevec, Fodrovec, Glogovnica, Gegurovec, Guščerovec, Haganj, Hižanovec, Komarnica, Koprivnica, Koruška, Kozji Hrbet, Lemeš and Obrež. Aside of that, some unusual patron saints of churches or altars, rare in our region, were dealt with. It is surprising that most toponyms used today are very old, with indications of their early formation through 11-13th century.

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Križevci, Kalnik, name background, tribal toponym, church patrons

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