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The Importance of Ljudevit Modec in the History of Croatian Pedagogy

Vlatko Smiljanić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatski studiji, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Based on the insight into the manuscripts, articles, and monographs by Ljudevit Modec (1844–1897), this article researches and elaborates on Modec’s significance in the history of Croatian pedagogy. Modec was the first Croatian contemporary expert in teaching methodology. His education at a teacher training school in Prague enabled the spread of modern Central European pedagogic tendencies in many Croatian cities, especially in Zagreb, Petrinja, and Osijek. The distinctiveness of Modec’s work in teaching methodology manifests in the implementation of a theological and Herbartian pedagogical approach. Between those, he most frequently opted for the theological approach, which he recognised as the means for a finer development of individual morals. In his articles, Modec most frequently wrote about the distinct characteristics of teaching methodology, while his monographs most often interpreted the teaching methodology practice. This article briefly outlines the pedagogical, i.e. teaching methodology characteristics of his works. In so doing, it is important to emphasise that Modec fostered the deductive approach in teaching. In his texts, he often encouraged patriotism. That was due to the political and historical circumstances in Croatia during the second half of the 19th century (Hungarianization, Germanization, centralisation, neo-absolutism), which were also the cause of his latent political tendency towards Starčević’s Croatian Party of Rights.

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Ljudevit Modec; teaching methodology; history of pedagogy; history of school education; public education

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