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ZRINKA PUHARIĆ orcid id ; Veleučilište u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar i Fakultet za dentalnu medicinu i zdravstvo, Osijek, Hrvatska
KSENIJA TOMLJANOVIĆ ; Veleučilište u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar, Hrvatska
FILIP PUHARIĆ ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka, Hrvatska
MIRNA ŽULEC ; Veleučilište u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar, Hrvatska
ĐURĐICA GRABOVAC ; Veleučilište u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar, Hrvatska

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Introduction and aim: Identify the knowledge of parents in Našice about circumcision according to gender, completed education, place of residence and socioeconomic status of the family. Participants and methods: With approval from the Ethics Committee of Našice General Hospital, participation was voluntary and anonymous; 200 parents of children treated at Department of Urology were included. Statistical data processing was done in PSPPv3. The level of statistical signifi cance of difference was determined by use of χ2-test; the level of signifi cance was set at 0.05. Results: There were 91 (45.5%) and 109 (54.5%) children accompanied by their father and mother, respectively, 113 (56.5%) from urban and 87 (43.5%) from rural setting. Most parents (n=145; 72.5%) considered their family fi nancial status to be average, 34 (17.0%) excellent and 21 (10.5%) poor. The highest number of parents had secondary education including 84 (77.1%) mothers and 50 (54.9%) fathers; 16 (14.7%) mothers and 22 (24.2%) fathers had elementary school; and the lowest number of respondents had college degree, including 9 (8.3%) mothers and 19 (20.9%) fathers. According to gender, men had better knowledge than most of the women. According to the level of education, the participants with college/university degree had the highest rate of correct answers, while the lowest rate of such answers was recorded in those with elementary school. According to the place of residence, the respondents from urban area were better informed than those from rural area. Given the fi nancial condition of the family, knowledge was growing with increase in fi nancial prosperity. Conclusion: This was the fi rst research of this topic in Croatia. The knowledge of parents about circumcision is not adequate and requires better information and education, especially of mothers and parents from rural parts.

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phimosis, circumcision, knowledge of parents, information, educatio

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