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Forms of peace in multiethnic milieux

Vjeran Katunarić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Peace exists in two main forms in multiethnic milieux. The first, found more rarely, relates to the existence of peace in milieux that have retained their integrity without major changes in the (multiethnic) composition of the population, despite the wave of multiethnic strains, conflicts and violence in their broader surroundings. The second and more frequently found form relates to milieux that have experienced violent conflicts or wars in the more recent or distant past, and can thus be classified being in one of several phases, from peacekeeping through peacebuilding to democratic peace. An indication is given in this respect of the phase in which Croatia currently finds itself as regards its multiethnic milieux that were recently engulfed by war. Along with those existing forms of peace, the normative concept of a culture of peace is also considered in this paper. There is discussion in the Conclusion, on the one hand, on the advantages and shortcomings of the realism-steeped democratic peace concept, and the transcending idea of a culture of peace on the other, with a plea for the establishment of a complementary relationship between them.

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forms of peace, multiethnic milieu, peacebuilding, democratic peace, culture of peace, Croatia

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