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Thematic Guide through the Holdings of Civil Service, Judiciary and Army until 1941 – Sources for the History of the Town of Bjelovar

Martina Krivić Lekić orcid id ; Državni arhiv u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar, Hrvaska

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Archival guides are frequently very lengthy, since they comprise the complete holdings of an individual archive; they are therefore disorganised, and to some researchers even discouraging. This paper presents the holdings collected in the course of operation of civil service, judiciary and the Military Border in the period from the founding of the town of Bjelovar to 1941, and relating to the town of Bjelovar. The thematic guide form has been chosen in order to present the oldest and the most fragmented materials that relate to the legal and administrative life of the town in one single place. Thanks to this type of approach, detailed listing of archive units in all the holdings was made possible. In order to unite all the sources of the history of the town, a list was composed including all the archive material holdings from the Bjelovar area, kept at the following Croatian heritage institutions: Croatian State Archive, State Archive in Bjelovar, and the Bjelovar Town Museum. The subject holdings include an abundance of concrete information on the town’s development, the functioning of institutions and the organization of life in the town. The objective of the paper is to familiarize all the potential researchers of the history of Bjelovar with this archive material.

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archive, army, administration, Bjelovar, guide, holdings, judiciary

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