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A New Political System in the Bjelovar District After World War Two – Elections for the Constitutional Assembly of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia in 1945 in the Bjelovar Electoral District

Tomislav Faletar

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The paper presents – based on the archive material from the state archives in Bjelovar and Zagreb, literature, periodical press, official newspapers and magazines – the results of the study of the first parliamentary elections for the representatives of the Constitutional Assembly of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia, held on 11 November 1945 in the electoral district of Bjelovar. All the voters who might have potentially jeopardized the parliamentary legitimisation of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia were eliminated from the electoral procedure by election acts passed in August 1945. Despite the fact that the candidates of the National Front had won the elections, the results in the electoral district of Bjelovar indicated the existence of local pockets of resistance against the authorities, which were close to the pre-war policy of Croatian Peasants’ Party.

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Communist Parties of Yugoslavia / Croatia, lists of voters, Constitution, Constitutional Assembly, elections, election committees, political system

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