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Emigration from Dalmatia (Croatia) to the United States from 1892 to 1924 – Analysis of the Ellis Island Database

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Although emigration from present-day Croatia,
particularly from Dalmatia, to the United States has
often been discussed in papers dealing with the Croatian
diaspora and emigration waves, there has been no well-
-documented analysis of the places of origin, ages of the
emigrants, or the dates and causes of their emigration. This
paper analyses the intensity of emigration from Dalmatia to
the USA in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and
information about the immigrants by consulting the Ellis
Island Database. Methodology included both descriptive and
inferential statistics. A database search by ethnicity (using the
parameter "Dalmatian") resulted in 24,901 records. The
largest group were young adults (aged 15–26), who
accounted for 51.8%. The immigrants were predominantly
males from rural settlements on the islands or in the
hinterland. The most important push factors were the harsh
economic situation (brought about by grapevine pests,
underdeveloped industry, the lack of arable land etc.) and
the intention to avoid conscription into the Austro-Hungarian

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emigration; Dalmatia; Croatia; USA; Ellis Island Database

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