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Testing Temperament Compatibility in Romantic Couples

Ana Lucić ; Osnovna škola Fausta Vrančića, Šibenik
Nataša Šimić ; Odjel za psihologiju, Sveučilište u Zadru, Zadar

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Fisher's model assumes four biologically determined
temperament dimensions. Exploring their role in the initial
stage of dating, compatibility of the two dimensions was
established. More specifically, for individuals with the
expressed dimension curious/energetic and/or
cautious/social norm compliant, it is more likely that they will
choose for their date a person whose dimension corresponds
to their temperament dimension. For analytical/tough-
-minded individuals, it is more likely that they will choose a
person whose dimension is prosocial/empathetic and vice
versa (Fisher et al., 2010b). Starting from the above, the aim
of this research was to test the temperament dimensions
relationship on a sample of 276 couples who have been at
least a year in a relationship. Correlation analyses of the
results of couples who are in a relationship have confirmed
the expected relations between their dimensions. A medium
positive relationship was obtained for the dimension
cautious/social norm compliant, while a low but significant
positive correlation was confirmed for the dimension
curious/energetic. In accordance with the expected,
significant and also low positive correlations between the
analytical/tough-minded dimension in men and
prosocial/empathetic one in women and vice versa have
been obtained. In addition to the dimension of temperament,
the results show medium positive correlations between the
partner's religiosity and their opinion of the importance of
sex in a relationship. Between their age, level of education
and political orientation, significant, but weaker positive
correlations have been established.

Ključne riječi

dimensions of temperament; initial biological attraction; temperament compatibility; love partners

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