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Recreational Fishing and Anglers in Bjelovar in the Period between 1928 and the End of World War Two

Siniša Slavinić ; Bjelovarski list d.o.o, Bjelovar, Hrvatska

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str. 115-132

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After the first recreational fishing societies – e.g. the Zagreb Fishing Society in 1894; the Varaždin Fishing Society in 1913; and the Osijek Recreational Fishing Society in 1923 – had been established, the idea of establishing a fishing society in Bjelovar as well was born among the Bjelovar gentry, craftsmen, traders, officials and students. The idea was realised in 1929, when the Recreational Fishing Society Česma was established in Bjelovar. It is still active and successful. The author tackles the founding of the society; changes in its management; membership; activities of the members; and operation pursuant to the initial regulations, which limited uncontrolled fishing and prohibited fishing using non-recreational fishing tackle.

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Bjelovar anglers, building a fish-pond, ice-skating area, lease of waters, social life, stocking with fish.

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