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Philosophical Horizons of the Topics in the Journal Život (1919–1944) — Obnovljeni Život (1971–2019)

Ivan Šestak orcid id ; Fakultet filozofije i religijskih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The Order of the Society of Jesus, since its beginnings, envisions the execution of its mission by means of philosophy which it values extraordinarily. The Constitutions of the Order testify to this in that their philosophy curriculum requires that logic, the philosophy of nature and ethics follow Aristotle’s, and the theology curriculum Thomas Aquinas’ teachings, who himself accepted Aristotle’s thought to a very large
degree. It was held that a philosophy of this kind, later known as „philosophia perennis“ is capable of furnishing particular sciences with a valid instrument for attaining knowledge about the objects of their observation, and to open their minds to the transcendent reality, while on the other hand establishing reliable orientation points for practical activity. This role of philosophy has been cultivated since its beginnings up until today, and so too the Jesuit journal Život, that is, Obnovljeni Život has cultivated the same. This philosophy establishes and strengthens the Christian view of the world. Thus, the first several volumes contained many anti–scientistic articles which aimed to point out the limitations of metaphysical pretenses or rather pretenses of the natural sciences to their proper worldviews. These articles regularly highlighted the harmony between faith and reason. There was no lack of genuine cognitive–theoretical and ontological discussion, while certain types of metaphysics argued the possibility of proving God’s existence and ascertaining His attributes. Also discussed was the substantial unity of soul and body and, furthermore, emphasized was free will and man’s immortality and religiosity as being exclusively proper to man. The cosmological problem was exemplified less so. In the area of practical philosophy, the journal published articles on the possibility of establishing ethics as a science, on the aretaic problem, conscience, etc. In recent times there has been increasing emphasis on problems from the field of biotics, where human life is defended incontrovertibly from conception to natural death. The journal has demonstrated its vitality also by publishing articles on political and social issues. If we add to this the truly extensive writings on the history of philosophy, i.e., on philosophers and schools of philosophy, then it may be concluded that the journal has justified part of its subheading, „Journal of Philosophy“.

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hundredth anniversary of the journal Život — Obnovljeni Život, philosophy, philosophia perennis, Christian worldview

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