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Regulatory frameworks related to electricity and gas infrastructure

Luka Vukelić, mag.iur.
Duško Žurić, mag.iur.

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The paper deals with the issues related to the regulatory framework pertaining to electricity and gas infrastructure within the European Union in general and Croatia in particular. The data and the analysis we put forward in the paper are drawn from a recent European Commission report which addressed the areas of innovation and security of supply of gas and electricity. We first present the broader EU context, and then we assess the regulatory framework in Croatia in order to see how it compares to other EU countries. On the whole, the regulations pertaining to the security of supply of gas and electricity are largely standardized across the EU, and they can generally be judged as satisfactory, both in Croatia and in the EU as a whole. Nevertheless, there is much less standardization when it comes to the national regulatory frameworks governing the area of innovation, and there are significant differences between various EU member states in this context. The regulatory environment in Croatia in particular was judged as insufficiently conducive to innovation within the electricity and gas sectors, so the country is encouraged to undertake a certain number of reforms in order to catch up with the EU standards.

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Electricity infrastructure, gas infrastructure, security of supply, innovation, European Union, Croatia.

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