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Marković’s Critique of Hegel’s Logic

Bojan Marotti ; Zavod za povijest i filozofiju znanosti HAZU, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The manuscript Logic of Franjo Marković (1845–1914), the first professor of philosophy at the restored University of Zagreb (1874), is kept in the Archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, viz. the autograph (XV 37/1), and six lithographed copies (XV 37/2, a–f), of which the most extensive one is 2a (approximately 820 pages). Marković taught logic at the University for 32 years, from 1875 until 1907. The manuscript of Logic, roughly speaking, consists of two parts: the first is introductory, and the second part is entitled System of Logic. The first part is divided into seven, and the second part into eleven sections. The article discusses the sixth section of the first part, whose title is Reasons Against Absolute Logic (in 2a, pp. 94–119), in which Marković sets forth his criticisms of Hegel’s logic. Firstly, the manuscript of Logic is described, and then Marković is placed in the philosophical and intellectual background of the second half of the 19th century. Next, two substantial Marković’s objections to Hegel are considered: first, it is not possible from one (most abstract) concept, which would be the beginning of all other concepts, to deduce the wholeness of concepts (and at the same time the totality of Being) without the help of ideas acquired by perception; and secondly, absolute logic itself is “illogical”, i.e. contrary to the irrefutable laws of logic. Finally, it is concluded that Marković’s criticism of Hegel’s logic, which is actually metaphysics, is made exclusively from the logical point of view, because Marković does not accept Hegel’s “conversion” of logic into metaphysics. It is emphasized Marković’s intent to outline his philosophical position on Hegel, since many Hegel’s opponents, whom Marković himself belongs to, are mostly reluctant to deal with Hegel’s philosophy. The Appendix contains the transcription of the sixth section of the first part of Marković’s Logic.

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Franjo Marković; logic; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; critique of Hegel’s logic; anti-Hegelianism; Robert Zimmermann; Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg; Aristotelianisam; Franz Brentano; Austrian realism

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