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The kajkavian words in glagolitic miscellany of Tkon

Marinka Šimić ; Staroslavenski institut

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str. 343-370

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Tkonski zbornik is a glagolitic miscellany with various religious and moral content: ecclesiastical dramas, poems, legends and apocrypha, didactic articles, speeches, Cvet od kreposti, instructions for confessors, blessings, etc. It was written at the beginning of the 16th century somewhere on the property of the Frankopan family. The language of the miscellany is mostly a čakavian-Church Slavonic hybrid with elements of the kajkavian dialect. Infiltration of the kajkavian elements is not equal in all parts of the codex but is most frequent in Cvet od kreposti (67 - 85) and Muka Spasitelja našega (109 - 161). In the Miscellany of Tkon kajkavian elements at the phonological, morphological, lexical and syntactic levels have been attested. The most frequent kajkavian elements are those on the lexical level. They can be divided in two groups: 1. the common čakavian-kajkavian strata, e. g. betegь, gdo, nigdar, hiniti, hud, kaštigati, lotar, etc. 2. kajkavian strata, e. g. fajtati, gorup, nekoteri, pokrivača, škoda, špotati, tanac, etc. The lexemes of the first group are infiltrated in almost all of the parts of the Miscellany. The lexemes of the second group are the most frequent in Cvet od kreposti and Muka. The comparison of certain lexemes with those of croato-glagolitic missals and breviaries has shown that some of them were attested earlier, e. g. betegь, kaštigati, praviti, gorup, tanac, etc. It confirms the continuity of croato-glagolitic literacy. The conclusion is that the Miscellany of Tkon is a manuscript combined from various parts which originated neither in the same time nor in the same location. As kajkavian elements are found in all levels of the language we can assume that Cvet od kreposti and Muka originated in the northern area i. e. somewhat closer to the kajkavian area.

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croato-glagolitic Miscellanies; kajkavian dialect; kajkavian; čakavian dialect; lexis

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