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Analysis of Morphometrical Characteristics of Antlers and Carcase Weight of Red Deer Stags (Cervus elaphus, L. 1758) in the State Hunting Ground Podunavlje – Podravlje XIV/9 Through Period 2001. – 2006.

Dražen Degmečić ; Hrvatske šume, Šumarija Tikveš
Vlado Jumić ; Hrvatske šume, Šumarija Tikveš

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str. 333-343

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This paper presents the analysis of morphometrical parameters of antlers and body weight for the species of red deer (Cervus elaphus, L.) in the game preserve “Podunavlje – Podravlje XIV/9”. The parameters of the CIC formula for evaluation of deer antlers which were analysed in detail are based exclusively on measurement or counting. That way we tried to avoid the more subjective parts of the CIC formula (points for beauty). The following parameters were measured: net weight, trophy weight, length of antler branch, crown perimeter, first tine length, third tine length, perimeter between first and middle tine, perimeter between third tine and crown, number of tines and value in CIC points.
The data is grouped into the following age classes: males up to one year of age, males between one and two years of age, males between three and five years of age, males between five and eight years of age, males of nine years of age and older. The obtained results enabled the definition of a minimum, maximum and average value for each parameter. The obtained results can be used as indicatives for further breeding and selection measures in the population of this game preserve.

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body weight, breeding measures, CIC, morphometrics of antlers, Podunavlje – Podravlje, Red deer, selection

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