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Implementation of information and communication technology in educational system as a starting point for student-centered teaching in elementary schools and high schools

Izabela Mlinarević ; Osnovna škola Čakovci
Ivana Stanić ; Agencija za odgoj i obrazovanje Osijek
Tamara Zadravec ; Sveučilište J. J. Strossmayera Osijek, Odjel za kulturologiju

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str. 47-60

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Improving core competences of future young workforce includes knowledge of information literacy. Preparing teachers and school librarians for implementation of information and communication technology is also crucial because they have a significant role in helping the student in the acquitement and development of ICT knowledge and skills that he will need in later life. Also, the introduction of ICT in the teaching process modernizes teaching process and supports teaching directed to students (student-centered teaching). Accordingly, class directed to students promotes individual development and impacts critical thinking and recognition of personal achievement. For the purpose of this study a questionnaire has been made which determined the application of ICT and its impact on students in mastering the educational content in the learning process. The sample contained answers of 421 elementary and high school students and primarily the analysis of information and media literacy of students in the learning process, as well as determined how much students are familiar with the information and media literacy in the educational system and the possible differences between the results according to age of students. These results indicate the familiarity of school library users’ with the concept of school information literacy who also assess their skills and competencies of information literacy applications above average, while the use of ICT for successful mastering of education content they estimate as average. The results confirm that the educational system must continue to implement the teaching of information and media literacy to users of the school library in order to increase awareness of lifelong learning in early age and to qualify them for its implementation.

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information and communication technology, students, student-centered teaching, school librarians, teachers

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