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Creating Subject Catalogues in the Department of Essays and Literary Reviews with the Examples from Vlado Gotovac library in Sisak

Željka Turk Joksimović ; Narodna knjižnica i čitaonica Vlado Gotovac Sisak

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The Department of Essays and Literary Critical Reviews of the Public Library Vlado Gotovac in Sisak, situated at the department for adult users, consists of a large number of serial and monographic publications which are analsyed and marked based on their subjects. Much of the enlistments is stored in the catalogue in paper form, and since 1993 the remaining and the new part of the fundus is stored with the help of the IT system CROLIST; which is an integrated librarian system. For the past 60 years the Public Library Vlado Gotovac in Sisak has thoroughly conducted its subject catalogues (for essays and literary reviews as well as for specialised literature). These catalogues have proven to be a great help and source in researching not only for the librarians but also for the library users. This article shows positive qualities as well as drawbacks of such catalogues in all their forms, which should be unified. This unfortunately, is not enabled due to different opinions and ways of creating a catalogue of those who are dealing with subject analysis. The aim of this article is to compare the old way of creating the library database in paper format and the catalogues created with the help of IT systems. The first part of the article describes the beginning and the process of storing subject entries and the second part of the article there are examples from the library database for which numerous librarians of different educational profiles are responsible. The examples include data form the database of the Public Library Vlado Gotovac, as well as those taken from the CROLIST database with the aim of avoiding inconsistencies in subject listings and find the most suitable and convinient solutions.

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subject catalogue, subject entry, topic subject entry

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