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the Assembly of Spiritual Youth library in Đakovo (1841-1934) According to the Records from the Assembly of Spiritual Youth in Đakovo

Tihonija Zovko ; Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku Katolički bogoslovni fakultet u Đakovu

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str. 171-184

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In 1841, the Assembly of Spiritual Youth was founded in the Theological Seminary in Đakovo,, with its goal being to introduce domestic literature as well as nurture pious and indigenous emotion. The Assembly worked with minor disruptions until 1956 when this type of work and activity disappeared from the Seminary, although to this day it is partially recognizable in different sections and committees which are presently active at the Theological Seminary in Đakovo. According to the Records of the Assembly of Spiritual Youth, we can follow the growth and development of the Assembly which raised generations of priests who tirelessly worked for God, Church and homeland. The records from the Assembly of Spiritual Youth are a source of information not only for the Assembly, but also for the library and reading room that worked from the very beginning. The first Records about the library were found in 1894, and along with the Assembly’s work we can follow the library’s work as well until 1934, when this library joined the Seminary’s library, creating one book collection.

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the Assembly of Spiritual Youth, library, Đakovo, Theological Seminary, Assembly Records

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