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The Gozze/Gučetići Family and Trsteno in the 15th and 16th Century

Josip Lučić

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When the Ragusans acquired the area of Dubrovačko primorje in 1399, the complete territory was divided into 29 parcels (decena) and mostly conveyed to the nobility (nobiles). In that way Trsteno was claimed part of Dubrovnik Republic. The author reveals that the noble families of Benessa and Croce gained land in Trsteno whereas the members of the Gozze/Gučetić family obtained estate there by marrying a Croce in 1452. It has remined in the continuous possession of the Gozzes ever since. The villagers of Trsteno engaged themselves in farming, fishing, seafaring and milling. They also rendered their services in Dubrovnik. The author stresses that the 15th century Trsteno flourished with numerous gardens, parks (zardini) owing to the richness in spring water, sunshine and the vicinity of the sea. Ivan Marina Vita Gozze (Johannes Marini Vita de Gozze) started building his summer residence there in 1494. The world-wide famous botanical park / arboretum grew alongside with the residence. Immersed in such delightful and easing atmosphere, the Ragusan renaissance philosopher Nikola Vita Gozze (1549-1610) wrote the works: 'Dialogo d’amore detto Antos", Venezia 1581, then "Dialogo della bellezza", Venezia 1591, "Discorsi... sopra le Metheore d’Aristotile", Venezia 1585 and "Governo della famiglia", Venezia 1589.

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Gozze, Gučetić, summer residence, arboretum, Trsteno

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