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The Island od Lastovo at the Beginning of 1808 (A Report by Duke Vlaho Marin Kaboga)

Josip Lučić ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovniku, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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str. 117-125

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The author presents a short historical account of the island of Lastovo for the period around the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic. On January 31, 1808 Napoleon suspended the Republic. On March 12, 1808, the island’s Duke, Vlaho Marin Kaboga, sent a report to the general governor (governatore generale) for the Dubrovnik and Kotor area, Dominiko Garagnin, about conditions on the island at that time. Kaboga reported that the island of Lastovo abounds in harbors which shelter ships in stormy weather; the soil is fertile, but the island is scarcely populated, and its inhabitants lack craftsmanship and merchant skills. Kaboga also proposed that commerce and settlement on the island be encouraged. He further added that the most fertile land is owned by the clergy and local nobles. A twelve member Council chosen among the local nobles, has legislative and executive power and they abuse it. He requested that a new Council be formed of 21 members, including also plebeians. He also asked that local watchmen and vineyard keepers be forbidden from despotism and imprisoning people without cause. Moreover, Kaboga proposed simplified procedures in trials concerning real estate disputes. Garagnin accepted Kaboga’s request regarding local watchmen and vineyard keepers.

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Lastovo, Vlaho Caboga, 1808

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