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A Fragment of a Sarcophagus of Proconnesian Marble from Potirna on the Island of Korčula

Igor Borzić ; Sveučilište u Zadru

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The archaeological heritage of Korčula comprises a number of very important sites. According to information currently available, one of the most significant of the island’s Roman sites is located in the south-west part, in the Potirna area. In the wider area of the spot called Mirje there are traces of architectural, epigraphic and sculptural remains that tell of the existence of an opulent residential and agricultural structure, i.e., a villa rustica. The paper refers, as well as to a fragment of a limestone sarcophagus, the casket being articulated with vertical strigillation and built today into the altar of the Church of St George in Potirna that has already been described in print, to information about one more limestone lid and particularly to a fragment of a sarcophagus of Proconnesian marble. Together with finds made earlier, these fragments bear witness to the sustained high quality of life of the owners of this estate and their close connection with the production and mercantile circles of Salona.

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