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The Leakage of Steam Mass Flow Rate through the Gland Seals – Influence on Turbine Produced Power

Vedran Mrzljak orcid id ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Jan Kudláček orcid id ; Czech Technical University of Prague
Đerzija Begić-Hajdarević ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo
Jelena Musulin orcid id ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka

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str. 39-56

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In this paper is presented an analysis of gland seals operation and their influence on the performance of low power steam turbine with two cylinders and steam reheating, which can be used in marine applications. Performed analysis presents a comparison of steam turbine main operating parameters when gland seals operation is neglected (as usual in the most of the literature) and when steam mass flow rates leaked through all gland seals are taken into consideration. Steam mass flow rate leakage through all gland seals reduces produced power of the whole turbine and both of its cylinders. Operation of gland seal mounted at the inlet in the first cylinder of any steam turbine (cylinder which operates with the steam of the highest pressure) has the most notable influence on the reduction of the whole turbine produced power. Gland seal mounted at the outlet of the last turbine cylinder (cylinder which operates with the steam of the lowest pressure) did not have any influence on the reduction of steam turbine produced power. In any detail analysis of a steam turbine (especially the complex turbine with multiple cylinders), gland seals operation should be considered due to their notable influence on the turbine performance.

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Gland seals, Steam mass flow rate leakage, Steam turbine power

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