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Cooperation between Dubrovnik, Bosnia and Hum in Health Culture during the 14th and 15th century

Pavo Živković ; Filozofski fakultet, Zadar, Hrvatska

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During the 14th and 15th century numerous colonies were developed in Bosnia where a number of doctors worked either from Dubrovnik or hirelings. They offered medical help to the locals, too. People of Dubrovnik were frequently sending their doctors to Bosnian governors, kings and feudal land-holders. Members of family Pavlović used their services (Rector Pavao, Duke Petar, Radoslav Ivaniš) and kings: Dabiša, Stjepan Ostojić, Tvrtko II, Stjepan Tomaš as well as the members of families Kosača, Vojsalić, Zlatonosović, Hercegović etc.
Among prominent paid doctors from Dubrovnik that served in Bosnia, several have to be mentioned: Viljem Varinjan, magister Ostesanus, Albertino de Camurata, Jacob de Salgeriis, Bartol de Piombino, magister Toma filius Johannis de Papia, magister Jacobus de Gondovaldis, magister Elia Sabati Ebreus etc.
With strangers there were doctors and surgeons in Bosnia with origin from Dubrovnik like Marko Veoković and curtain Stojko and Pribislav. In Dubrovnik doctors were divided in two groups, doctors for internal and external illnesses. They were paid according to their efficiencies and knowledge, from 400 perpers for surgeons to 700 perpers for physiologists. During the 15th century their salaries came up to 1200 perpers.
Medical cooperation between Bosnia and Dubrovnik was more intensive during the 15th century when Dubrovnik government used some of its doctors in Bosnia in diplomatic purposes for intervening at the king's court or districts’ masters.
The doctors of Dubrovnik with medical activities were also performing commercial works, especially in Srebrenica, the famous Bosnian silver and gold mine.

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Dubrovnik, Bosna, Hum, health care, 14th century, 15th century

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