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Family Hranković from Dubrovnik

Đuro Tošić ; Filozofski fakultet, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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The whole period up to dividing the works in 1445 and property in 1453, family Hranković was an extensively established fraternal community (societas fraterna). Thanking to its joint work it acquired six residences in different parts of Dubrovnik and a huge number of ground property in Gruž, Šumet, Zaton, Orašac, Konavle and the peninsula Pelješac.
The main occupation of the family was trading. Some of its members resided permanently in the eastern Bosnia (Borač) and Serbia (Priština and Novo Brdo) where they used to buy raw materials (leather, wax, metals) and dispatched them to Dubrovnik. The other members of the family transferred them from Dubrovnik to the Italian coast (Venice, Florence and Marke-Ancona), sold them and with earned money bought salt, fabrics and the other luxurious goods for the Balkans' hinterland.
In performing this wide trade business family Hranković frequently ran into debts with others borrowing cash or taking goods on credit. The earned profit they invested in the other business like customs lease, agriculture, cattle breeding, navigation etc. This way they spreaded their economic activities.
Obviously it brought them social affirmation necessary for entering the circle of the most prominent civilian families in Dubrovnik.

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Hranković, Dubrovnik

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