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About Cartography in Dubrovnik Republic

Josip Lučić ; Zavod za hrvatsku povijest, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The author states that Dubrovnik Republic had a very developed trade at sea and ashore, frequently in the world proportions. In spite of that they did not have their own production of maritime and dryland trading and the other charts. But they had extremely good cadaster books with drawings, the best in Croatia. Talented ones used to go to the other countries, especially Italy and they developed their cartographic activity. It is necessary to emphasize two of them; Vicko Dimitri Volčić (Vicentius Demetrei Volcius Rachuseus, 1563—1607 and Josip Ruđer Bošković, 1711—1787).
The author draws attention to one domestic chart the priest Miho Pešić gave as a gift to his priest's association in Dubrovnik in 1746. It was a political, administrative and geographic chart of Dubrovnik Republic, though not at a high cartographic level. The author mentions the other charts, too. When the French troops entered Dubrovnik in 1806 the general Molitor requested to be given geographic map of Dalmatia and Bosnia as well as the original topographical map of Dubrovnik Republic. The government gave him the map of Dalmatia and Bosnia and had its own original topographical one copied to deliver him a copy.
The author draws a conclusion that cartography in Dubrovnik did not take a high position in the development of Croatian cartography. The reason he finds in the fact that people in Dubrovnik could easily get hold of good geographic charts abroad, therefore they did not find it necessary to develop their own production. Besides, and obviously for the reasons of state's safety, they did not want to produce maps except for their own administrative purposes.

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